Trauma Impacted Mothers and Daughters

Trauma Impacted Mothers and Daughters

This is make up with a Mission  and where Beauty meets Second Chances:

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Beauty From The Ashes is a consulting company that specifically helps Mothers and Daughters Who are coming out of Domestic Violence, Incarceration, Shelters, or Foster Care. They are given tools that empower them, help them feel loved, valued, and appreciated. They are given Resumes and Cover letters as well as interview skills and empowerment tools which will open doors of  opportunity for a full and rich life. The one God Intended them to have. They are given cosmetics gifts to help them feel  beautiful , valuable and loved. We walk into the ashes with them. We come to the prison, the shelter, the foster home and the women emerge with beauty that was always in them.




We are proud to Present the Opening of our Own Store:   Compassion Cosmetics . 85% of the Proceeds Benefit  an emergency fund for trauma impacted Mothers and Daughters:


Coming Soon our Shoe Line:  Compassionate "soles" * SOUL* Hiring Women Who Have Been Trauma Impacted and Walking them into their Destiny:


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